GGC forms alliance with Technology Association

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Georgia Gwinnett College and the Technology Association of Georgia have formed a strategic alliance that will allow students access to TAG's technology-focused programming, resources and networking opportunities.

The alliance is the first of its kind for Georgia -- and thought to be the first in the nation, the news release states. It will create opportunities for students seeking a technology-based career in a variety of industries.

Key to the partnership is the automatic membership in TAG for all GGC students and employees, according to a news release. With membership comes access to all TAG meetings and members-only events and discounts on all TAG training programs.

"By partnering with TAG, our students will have access to a rich resource that will a

dd tremendous value to their educational program, expand their exposure to professional environments and give them a jump start on their careers," said Lonnie Harvel, GGC's vice president of educational technology. "TAG's programming will extend our students' learning opportunities beyond the classroom and increase the marketability of their degrees."

TAG is a 10,000-member industry advancement organization dedicated to educating, uniting and informing the Georgia technology community. It has roughly 150 meetings and educational programs each year, and its societies represent industries ranging from manufacturing and health care to software and entertainment and functions such as finance, international business, product management and information security.

As a part of the partnership, some of TAG's programs will be held on the GGC campus.

While the program is primarily intended for students majoring in technical fields, all students can benefit from the TAG partnership. By extending TAG membership to college faculty, the alliance enables them to bring real-world applications of technology into the classroom, enriching the curriculum for all students.

"At GGC, the innovative use of technology is a fundamental part of what, and how, we teach," Harvel said. "Technological competence is fundamental to future success. It is an integral part of every profession. Our alliance with TAG will provide our students access to an incredible spectrum of arenas where their technological skills may be challenged and grow."