Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

* Charlie St. Cloud (PG-13) Further proof that pretty-boy Zac Efron will likely never match the unqualified success of the "High School Musical" trilogy in this downbeat, saccharine-laden hybrid of "The Sixth Sense" and a lukewarm Hallmark made-for-TV tearjerker. 11/2 stars -- Michael Clark

* Dinner For Schmucks (PG-13) Steve Carell delivers a variation of his character from "The Office" in this remake of a French farce where snobby rich guys gather to snicker at and put down socially inept eccentric types. The mix of dark and mainstream humor never gels.

2 stars -- MC

* Salt (PG-13) Though rife with plot holes and lacking in logic the majority of the time, "Salt" is a non-stop adventure spectacular that brings with it just enough political intrigue to qualify as a thriller and Angelina Jolie more than proves why she's the world's top action star. 3 stars -- MC

* Despicable Me (PG) Far more acerbic and intelligent than its cutesy trailers would indicate, this animated masterpiece featuring Steve Carell as a twisted, mad-scientist criminal who becomes the unlikely father of three orphaned girls is a triumph on every level. 4 stars -- MC

* The Kids Are All Right (R) One of the very few gay/lesbian-themed features without a marked political agenda, "TKAAR" instead presents a balanced, family values type examination regarding anonymous seed donation and the desire to know the origin of two kids' mystery dad. 3 stars -- MC

* The Sorcerer's Apprentice (PG-13) Whether it was mostly negative reviews or a general lack of interest, audiences largely avoided this "Harry Potter" wanna-be starring Nicolas Cage as a 15-century-old Svengali charged with tutoring a blase heir to a mystical dynasty. 11/2 stars -- MC

* Knight and Day (PG-13) Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz break out of their collective slumps in this action thriller directed by James Mangold. More "Mission: Impossible" than "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it's not nearly as funny as the trailers indicate but is still quite worthwhile. 3 stars -- MC

* Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13) While slightly better than the first two, the third installment of this tepid occult soap opera only serves those faithful to the series of books that spawned it. Rarely has there been so much attention lavished on something so strikingly sub-par. 2 stars -- MC

* I Am Love (R) This full-of-itself Italian art film is notable only for its occasional resemblance to "The Godfather" and a semi-stirring performance from lead Tilda Swinton as a wandering matriarch with some superfluous mid-life and latent child-rearing issues. 11/2 stars -- MC

* Grown Ups (PG-13) Adam Sandler and his off-screen cronies get together for a "family" film that is unsuitable for children or anyone with a semi-intelligent sense of humor. It's better than last year's similarly themed "Couples Retreat" but not by much. 1 star -- MC