LETTERS: People close to the airport don't want a big, noisy mess

Regarding J.K. Murphy's column ("Briscoe Field expansion winning public support," April 25, 10A), I have a few thoughts.

With regard to the first question in the poll, how many people who were in favor of commercializing Briscoe live close to Briscoe or in the flight path of the planes? With regard to the second question, why wouldn't people be in favor of making the airport profitable? That's the kind of polling question whose wording is designed to get a favorable response.

When I moved to Lawrenceville in 1997, I had read that Briscoe would "never" be expanded/commercialized. Otherwise, I would have chosen to buy a house elsewhere. Those of us who are opposed to this expansion/commercialization of Briscoe are worried about our quality of life.

The prospect of the noise and vibration from Boeing 737s flying over our homes, not to mention the two recent plane crashes in Lawrenceville, leave those of us living within a few miles of Briscoe feeling helpless and angry that the county commissioners can roll right over us with this airport expansion plan.

It's bad enough that Wall Street greed, irresponsible behavior on the part of some and government bailouts have not only left us with scarce jobs, but also with homes and IRAs worth much less. What adds insult to injury is that it's now virtually impossible to sell our homes and get out of this area before the county commissioners lower our quality of life even further.

— Katherine Michelakos