Three indicted in connection with illegal clinic

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A trio accused in 2008 of unlicensed medical practices at a Duluth clinic was indicted Wednesday in Gwinnett Superior Court.

Manuel Lozano, the 45-year-old owner of Clinica Santa Fe at 3750 Venture Drive, was indicted on three counts of license requirement to practice medicine after he allegedly pretended to be a doctor before several patients.

Sheila Waleska Colon, 29, was indicted on three counts of license requirement to practice medicine and a count of forgery for writing fraudulent prescriptions.

Dilana Magdalena Infante, 21, was indicted on two counts of forgery, also for fake prescriptions.

The three Gwinnett residents catered to a mostly Hispanic clientele and targeted illegal immigrants at the clinic, near Interstate 85 and Gwinnett Place Mall, police said.

After investigating the operation for several months, authorities raided the clinic in February 2008, arresting Lozano, Colon and Infante.

The raid included officials from the Gwinnett Sheriff's Department, the Gwinnett District Attorney's Office, the Georgia State Medical Board and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency.

The pharmacy associated with the clinic was shut down by Georgia DNA less than a week later for filling "a significant number of fraudulent prescriptions," authorities said.

Investigators also found that patients treated at the clinic later sought medical attention at Gwinnett Medical Center, though a direct correlation was not established.