LETTERS: Support for privatization low near Briscoe Field

We take issue with the viewpoint of J.K. Murphy in his column ("Briscoe Field expansion winning public support," April 25, Page 10A).

We live within three miles of Briscoe Field. We've lived in this home for 32 years and can attest to the increase in noise level and pollution just from private flights that arrive and depart Briscoe Field. We would like to know exactly which Gwinnett County residents were polled with the questions as to whether they would support airport privatization.

There are tens of thousands of residents living within a 10-mile radius of Briscoe Field. How can a poll consisting of 1,070 residents — less than 1 percent of residents who would be affected by expansion — constitute "winning public support" for expansion? Those statistics would not be valid in any survey with so few people questioned.

We take exception to Mr. Murphy's statements that, "as described, the expansion would be a good fit for Gwinnett County, not too big, not too small." We spend many hours, day and night, listening to arriving and departing flights that seem hardly able to climb above our trees, not to mention the helicopters that fly very low and shake our home to the foundation. Perhaps to Mr. Murphy and others who don't live close to Briscoe, privatization would seem to have merits. However, we feel the negative effect on our neighborhoods would far outweigh the benefits of privatization.

We encourage our commissioners to carefully include the residents living within a direct impact area around the airport in any survey and/or opinion poll. We are not in support of this expansion. We love Gwinnett County; however, we live here because of the good quality of life Gwinnett offers. We do not see how expansion of Briscoe Field could possibly support that quality of life we hold dear.

— Gaye and Andrew McNeil