PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Weaver urges action to protect oceans

Weaver urges action to protect oceans

WASHINGTON — Actress Sigourney Weaver is making her second trip to Congress in as many weeks, urging lawmakers to help oceans by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

She made her pitch Thursday as a new report found that ocean chemistry is changing because more carbon is being absorbed into the seas from the atmosphere. The resulting increased acidity of the oceans poses a serious threat to shellfish and other marine life.

Weaver urged senators at a hearing to pass climate change legislation that would limit carbon emissions. She tells The Associated Press that she hasn't felt more passionately about an issue. Senate sponsors of climate legislation are expected to unveil it next Monday.

Court denies dismissal appeal by Polanski victim

LOS ANGELES — An appeals court on Thursday denied a petition by Roman Polanski's victim to dismiss the three-decade-old sex case against the director.

The California Second District Court of Appeal denied the petition by Samantha Geimer without comment.

Geimer's attorney petitioned the court on March 23 to dismiss the case against Polanski, arguing recent changes to California's constitution gave her more rights as a victim to influence the case.

Coroner: Death of Osmond's son a suicide

LOS ANGELES — Coroner's officials said the death of Marie Osmond's son has been ruled a suicide and that drugs or alcohol didn't play a role in the teen's fall from a balcony.

Authorities had suspected that Michael Bryan killed himself by leaping from an eight-story balcony in Los Angeles in February.

The 18-year-old college student left behind a suicide note, but the coroner's office wanted toxicology results before ruling on his cause of death. The findings were released Wednesday.

Bryan was one of five children that Osmond and her ex-husband adopted.

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