Recently reviewed films now playing in area theaters:

* The Joneses (R) Part con-game, part social commentary, this gorgeous but uneven drama set in Alpharetta starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny would have played out much better had it been a scathing black comedy a la "The Truman Show" or "American Beauty." 2 1/2 stars -- Michael Clark

* Kick-Ass (R) Coming out on top but still underperforming at the box-office on its opening weekend, this ultra-violent and often inappropriate adaptation of the fringe comic book shouldn't be seen by teens and lacks the depth that will provide any interest for adults. 2 1/2 stars -- MC

* After.Life (R) Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci squeeze out sparks in this creepy-crawly horror thriller about a woman who dies in a car crash but refuses to "move on." The big final twist bears a strong resemblance to the one in "The Sixth Sense" without actually copying it. 3 stars -- MC

* Date Night (PG-13) Tina Fey and Steve Carell ignore their wry chops and unwisely take the mainstream route in this intellectually-inert, DOA romantic comedy action adventure. 1 star -- MC

* Hot Tub Time Machine (R) John Cusack mocks his own cheesy '80s resume in this raucous and bawdy time-travel comedy which superbly balances gross-out/frat-boy visuals with relatively deep and wise observations on regret and aging while leaving the past where it belongs. 3 stars -- MC

* The Runaways (R) Dakota Fanning takes on her first official adult role as singer Cherie Currie in this bio-drama about the '70s all-girl band. Fantastic supporting turns by Michael Shannon and Kristen Stewart don't go far enough in making-up for the mostly dull screenplay. 2 1/2 stars -- MC

* When You're Strange (R) In 90 swift, efficient minutes, director Tom DiCillo's documentary (superbly narrated by Johnny Depp) about one of the most controversial '60s bands renders Oliver Stone's 1991 bloated and overlong "The Doors" inconsequential and irrelevant. 3 1/2 stars -- MC