LOCAL EVENT: Aurora puts on play portraying life of teens

Photo by Kristen Ralph

Photo by Kristen Ralph

The narration shifts from teacher to student as the story plays out. And audiences are allowed a glimpse into a darker side of being a teenage outsider and the difficulty one idealistic educator faces in reaching out in "The Storytelling Ability of a Boy," the latest play in Aurora Theatre's GGC Lab Series.

The series, sponsored by Georgia Gwinnett College, is an avenue for edgier, contemporary plays to reach the Lawrenceville stage. Geared toward what the Aurora calls the next generation of theater-goers, the plays in this series broach contemporary subject matter through the fresh perspectives of current playwrights.

Through a blend of comedy and drama, Carter W. Lewis has couched the serious subject matter in "The Storytelling Ability of a Boy" -- teacher-student relationships, bullying, abuse -- within fresh, witty dialogue.

When idealistic English teacher Caitlin sees talent in one of her students' writing, her desire to help him further his abilities creates a rift between the student and his angst-ridden best friend, a situation that becomes further compromising as the trio are drawn more deeply involved in each others' lives.

"The Storytelling Ability of a Boy" will be presented on the Aurora's Gwinnett Federal Credit Union Studio stage through May 2 and contains profanity not suitable for some audiences.

For more information on the play, call the Aurora Theatre Box Office at 678-226-6222 or visit www.auroratheatre.com.