Police: Teen poses as cop

Yosue Arce

Yosue Arce

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Lawrenceville teen will appear in Gwinnett County Magistrate Court today after he reportedly told neighbors he was a police officer during a search for a missing relative.

According to police, Yosue Carambot Arce, 18, presented a photo to members of a household on Pine Valley Circle early Friday evening, stating that the child in the picture had been missing for two weeks and that he was investigating the matter for the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department.

Arce, in shorts and a T-shirt, reportedly retreated to his car after the woman asked to see a badge, and the woman called the police.

The suspect later told the reporting Lawrenceville police officer that the boy in the picture was his stepbrother, who he said had been missing since his mother went to jail. He said that pretending to be a police officer was "the only way to get people to talk to him."

Arce then proceeded to tell the arresting officer that he was "a good friend of several police officers who could speak for him," producing business cards for what the police report called "the so-called law enforcement friends."

The officer called one of the colleagues that Arce claimed as a friend. That officer said that he had filled out a theft report for Arce in the past, but did not know him otherwise.

Arce was booked into Gwinnett County Jail on charges of impersonating an officer and violating learner's permit restrictions.