LETTERS: Obama hasn't given us any worthy change

It would appear that letter writer George Morin is still ready to take on any and all conservative ideas. His attack on Sarah Palin, calling her a "dim bulb," is typical. Morin insisted that President George W. Bush was less than smart, although I haven't heard him ask for President Barack Obama's grades. Obama still refuses to release any information about his college grades. His supporters have said he was the smartest man to ever run for the office but have no data to support that.

As far as the treaty he signed, it means nothing until it gets ratified by the Senate. Good luck with that. Obama is not a king or dictator — yet. Presidents have been signing these type of agreements with the Russians or the USSR since Nixon and none have done a thing.

Obama had an opportunity to "change" America, but most of his socialist ideas were so left that even with a large margin in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, all he could force on us was a health care plan.

— Billy Caughron