POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Linder says Woodall is the one for his job

Camie Young

Camie Young

With a byline on one of John Linder's best-selling FairTax books, Rob Woodall definitely has his old boss in his corner.

Woodall, who served as the congressman's chief of staff before resigning to run for office last month, got the official thumbs up from Linder this week.

"When deciding to retire from Congress, I had a fear that with all of the challenges facing our great nation, now would be the wrong time to change leadership in Washington," said Linder, who is stepping down after 18 years. "With Rob Woodall's announcement that he would seek my current seat, that fear is gone. I am proud today to give Rob Woodall my unconditional endorsement in the race to be the next congressman from the 7th District of Georgia."

In particular, Linder says Woodall is the best candidate to continue the fight for his FairTax proposal, which would abolish the federal income tax in favor of a national sales tax. Woodall, after all, wrote the bill.

"Together, Rob Woodall and I made the decision to introduce the FairTax, and he has been an active partner in the effort ever since. He has traveled across the country promoting the bill and has invested countless hours improving the bill and educating its critics," he said. "To succeed, the FairTax cannot simply have a supporter; it needs a champion. I commit to you that Rob Woodall is that champion."

He described the Lawrenceville resident as a "thoughtful, visionary conservative" and praised him for reaching across the aisle to build consensus.

"In my mind, Rob Woodall epitomizes what it means to be a public servant," Linder said in a press release.

Gwinnett GOP hosts Cain

Gwinnettians will have two opportunities to meet radio personality and conservative commentator Herman Cain this weekend.

The first program will be held at 9 a.m. at the Aurora Theater in Lawrenceville. Then Cain will travel to Sugar Hill United Methodist Church at 10 a.m.

Tickets are $10, although the Gwinnett GOP is hosting a special to join the party and get tickets for $25.

Information is available at www.gwinnettrepublicans.com/news-events/herman-cain.

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