Official: Bribe backfires for illegal alien in Lilburn

LILBURN -- Authorities say a Colombian woman living illegally in Lilburn was caught offering a cash bribe for a Georgia license at a Department of Driver Services branch.

Carmenza Lopez-Osorio, 43, is charged with bribery and computer forgery, both felonies, in the alleged March 1, 2007, scheme at a DDS branch on Beaver Ruin Road, according to arrest warrants.

Lopez-Osorio was arrested Tuesday and later posted $11,400 bond.

She's accused of offering $1,300 to a license examiner in an attempt to coax him into issuing a legitimate license "to which she was not entitled or eligible," the warrants say.

The computer forgery charge alleges she tried to have a DDS database altered to facilitate the issuance of a license.

Jail records show Lopez-Osorio is a Colombian national who is unemployed.

An investigator with the DDS could not be reached for comment Wednesday.