NCR makes new home in Gwinnett

Photo by Nate McCullough

Photo by Nate McCullough

DULUTH -- After 125 years in Dayton, Ohio, employees of NCR are enjoying the weather in Georgia, not to mention the infrastructure, business-friendly tax culture, talented job pool, global access through the airport and high-tech environment.

Gov. Sonny Perdue welcomed Bill Nuti, CEO of the global technology company, and hundreds of his employees to the Peach State on Tuesday, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Fortune 500 company's new global headquarters on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth.

"We welcome you as new Georgians," Perdue said, later explaining the economic impact of new houses and accessories for incoming employees is an added bonus to the 3,000 or so new jobs the corporation is bringing to the state, still suffering from record unemployment. In total, NCR is expected to bring 4,000 to the state by the end of the year.

"We certainly appreciate the thousands of new jobs NCR has brought and will bring," Chairman Charles Bannister said. "That's exactly what we had in mind," when the county's Partnership Gwinnett economic development program was development three years ago.

The NCR relocation is the crown jewel of the program, and Nuti said both the county and state economic development teams were integral in helping the company find a new home after 125 years in Dayton.

Nuti said he was confident the government could tackle issues such as traffic and water, adding that the pros of the research and development environment far outweighed those negatives.

Since the June announcement of NCR's relocation, the company has also opened an innovation and training center in Peachtree City, as well as an ATM manufacturing plant in Columbus, part of Nuti's vision to bring manufacturing operations back to U.S. soil after a previous trend of going across the ocean.

"In a little under a year, NCR has undertaken a remarkable transition, fueled by an excellent public-private partnership with the state and various local entities," Nuti said.

"Our new corporate headquarters, conceived and realized to promote innovation and collaboration, opening here in Georgia today, positions NCR for a very bright future. It will help us to secure and extend our competitive edge, drive growth and enhance the service we provide to our customers."

At the packed ribbon cutting ceremony on a sunny April afternoon, he added, "This has been a long journey for our company. ... We feel like we are best positioned right now."

With the state's dismal revenue situation finally seeing a swing, Perdue said he was optimistic about the future, but he said officials must continue to invest in tax incentives and higher education funding to help lure businesses to the area.

"NCR is a great start," to that upswing, he said.