CLINE: Longing for my break from spring

It doesn't seem right to be in a somber mood with the weather so sunny. But spring break is happening this week and I'm already looking for a break from spring.

Yeah, I know, nice attitude. The weather is warmer, and that should be a very welcome thing. But the problem is what that weather brings with it. Because as much as you're enjoying the summer-like temps, the plants and trees are enjoying it even more. And that leads to the yellow, powdery stuff that literally brings tears to our eyes.

Having to use your windshield wipers to clear off the pollen is bad enough, but unfortunately they don't make mini-wipers that I can use for my contacts. I've never had allergies, but who needs them when the pollen so easily finds its way behind my contact lenses? It's an unpleasant feeling, not unlike the torture of watching Billy Ray Cyrus act -- or sing.

If you're lucky enough to have an unlimited pass for the car wash, maybe you can keep your vehicle halfway clean. And forget about leaving the windows open unless you care to do some serious yellow dusting.

Spring and the nice weather it has brought with it also cause another problem. My yard, or more accurately the many weeds that use it as a major staging ground, enjoys it a little too much, beginning a back-and-forth battle that will continue for months to come.

And the power bill that was looking good during the mild days, it's not looking so hot -- or maybe it is -- now that the air-conditioning has to be cranked to combat the heat wave.

So in my (cranky) mind, spring means having to wash the car and mow the yard and pay the power bill and finding time to complain about it all while rubbing the pollen out of my eyes. Give me a break, indeed.

But maybe I conveniently forget the good that comes with the season. The cookouts, eating on the back patio, walking in the park, enjoying the fresh air. Watching the Masters, seeing "One Shining Moment" play after the NCAA Final Four and welcoming another Atlanta Braves season.

Maybe I don't really need a break. Maybe, just maybe, I'm jealous of everyone who is getting one this week.

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