'Boring' stairway at rehab center gets a makeover with mural

DULUTH — Patty Hyder used to call the central stairway at Glancy Rehabilitation Center "sterile and boring."

But now, after artists donated their time to create a brightly colored mural on the stairway, Hyder, an administrative assistant at the center, can't do that anymore.

An area frequently used by physical therapists to reacquaint stroke patients with stair-climbing, local artist Rhonda Sells and helpers Rhonda Thomas, Emily Griffith and Christine Fahrnbauer knew there was something missing. They added it, in the form of a mural depiction of a tree-laden lakeside garden.

"Patients are just excited to be walking again," said Leah O'Brien, a physical therapist at Glancy. "While patients come and go, the staff and associates will continue enjoying the improvements."

Sells and her colleagues began the project on Feb. 1 and took three weeks to complete it prior to a dedication ceremony on March 31.