Suwanee to conduct code enforcement sweep

SUWANEE -- As part of the annual Great American Cleanup campaign, the city of Suwanee is encouraging community-wide spring cleaning by stepping up code enforcement efforts.

"Some of the most common violations include outside storage of items, problems with trash and debris, parking in the grass and tall grass," Code Enforcement Officer Susan Carpenter said. "For a majority of these items, just a little effort would result in really big improvements in how our homes and neighborhoods appear.

"We want to encourage folks to roll up their sleeves, offer a hand to a neighbor, haul away those unwanted items and mend those broken fences."

The city will be conducting a code enforcement sweep of neighborhoods and business districts this spring, citing issues with outside storage, trash and debris, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, tall grass and weeds, and exterior property in need of repairs.

In addition, city officials request cooperation in addressing one of the most common complaints: that of vehicles being parked in the front yard on the grass.

If property owners fail to address cited issues, the city can, for example, mow the grass or clean up the trash and bill the property owner, Carpenter said. Cited property owners also may have a lien placed on their property or be issued a summons to appear in municipal court.

"We're not trying to be unreasonable," Carpenter said. "We're simply attempting to keep our community as neat and appealing as possible."

Code violations may be reported via SEE Online -- click on the blue Citizen Service Request logo in the bottom right box at www.suwanee.com -- or by calling the city of Suwanee at 770-945-8996.

The Great American Cleanup campaign runs through May 31.