School shuts down cafeteria after food fight

SNELLVILLE -- Administrators at South Gwinnett High School shut down the cafeteria and served lunch to students in their classrooms Thursday after a food fight broke out during the first lunch.

Jorge Quintana, a spokesman for Gwinnett County Public Schools, said the school decided to close the cafeteria as a precaution.

"It is a practice that our schools use and it is a practice that our schools have used in the past in order to retain the safe learning environment in the school," Quintana said.

The students responsible for starting the food fight will be disciplined, Quintana said.

"Unfortunately, it's only a few students who don't follow the rules, but they still disrupt the environment for other students," he said. "The fact that the school made this decision just shows it just takes any disruption very seriously."

Thursday was the last day of school before spring break. Classes will resume April 12.