Intercepting inactivity: Falcons players get students to stay active

LAWRENCEVILLE - Londen Glanville enjoys watching the Atlanta Falcons play, but the Kanoheda Elementary School student never thought he'd be playing with members of the NFL team.

But that's exactly what happened Tuesday.

As part of the Falcons First Down for Fitness program, seven players and three cheerleaders visited the Berkmar cluster school to play with fourth-graders. Troy Bergeron, Verron Haynes, Robert James, Michael Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, Garrett Reynolds and Jose Valdez led field games such as tug of war and a relay race, while the cheerleaders taught routines to a group of girls.

"We feel like this is such a privilege for them to come out here," Kanoheda principal Debra Scott said. "Many of our children look at them as role models."

Londen, who turns 10 today, said it was great to have the Falcons at his school.

"I've watched them on TV, but I never got to see them in real life," he said.

The Falcons First Down for Fitness program is part of the NFL's Play 60 campaign, which encourages children to engage in physical activity for 60 minutes a day, said Kyla Clark, community relations coordinator.

Jenkins, a wide receiver, said he thinks it's important to encourage children to be physically fit and active. He said he liked playing sports when he was growing up, and he enjoyed watching the students participate in the field games, especially the relay race.

"It was fun to see them doing something else other than sitting in a classroom," he said. "They'll remember this for a long time."