BOE to continue to pay employee health costs

BUFORD - The Buford Board of Education voted Monday to spend nearly $41,900 per year to continue to cover the employees' portion of the state health benefit.

The cost to employees for state health insurance is increasing from $86.10 to $94.70 per month, Superintendent Geye Hamby said. Buford City Schools, however, covers 100 percent of the employee cost for single coverage.

The school board agreed to cover the $8.60 increase per employee. The increased cost amounts to more than $3,500 a month.

"This is one more instance where the state's trying to make up for their losses ... and the Board of Education's going to have to pay," Hamby said.

The board also agreed to institute a pay rate of $35 per hour for teachers who work after school and during summer school. That hourly wage is slightly less than the average hourly salary for all teachers in the school district, Hamby said.

Previously, teachers who worked after school and summer school were paid their normal hourly wage. The fluctuation in what teachers were paid made it difficult for principals to develop their budgets, Hamby said.