Eminem publisher takes Apple to court

DETROIT - An attorney for Apple Inc. defended the company's use of Eminem's songs on iTunes in court on Thursday, as a trial got under way to determine who had the right to offer digital downloads of the rapper's music.

Eight Mile Style LLC, Eminem's music publisher, and an affiliated company, Martin Affiliated LLC, say their contract with Aftermath Records, which controls the recordings, did not entitle it to strike a deal with Apple to sell 93 songs over iTunes.

The case involves millions of dollars and the creative rights behind the hip-hop star. But the issue for the judge here in the rapper's hometown is narrow: What do contracts between Eight Mile and Aftermath say about the ability to peddle songs beyond traditional compact discs?

Dunst serves as star witness in burglary trial

NEW YORK - 'Spider-Man' actress Kirsten Dunst has served as a star witness against a man charged in the theft of her designer purse from a New York City hotel suite while she was on a movie set.

The 27-year-old Dunst on Thursday gave jurors a rundown of the August 2007 theft. She said she was filming the comedy 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People' at the SoHo Grand hotel when she discovered her $2,000 Balenciaga bag and its contents, including $2,000 in cash, were missing. The purse and her credit cards were eventually returned.

Too clean? Swayze once doubted 'Dirty Dancing'

NEW YORK - 'Dirty Dancing' made Patrick Swayze a superstar, but when he first read the script, he found it a little clean.

The actor, who died Sept. 14 of cancer, writes in his memoir, 'It seemed fluffy - nothing more than a summer-camp movie.' The memoir 'The Time of My Life' comes out next week.

Swayze's reaction was completely different about another future smash, 'Ghost.' He immediately wanted to be in it and persuaded Jerry Zucker to cast him despite the director's skepticism that Swayze could play a sensitive leading man.