G-20 march turns chaotic on streets of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH - Protesters and police are clashing on the streets of Pittsburgh after police tried to break up a march opposing the Group of 20 summit.

Protesters rolled trash bins toward police and a man in a black hooded sweat shirt threw rocks at a police car, breaking the front windshield. Some protesters also are using pallets and corrugated steel to block a road.

Officers fired pepper spray and smoke at the protesters. Some of those exposed to the pepper spray were coughing, complaining of eyes watering and stinging.

Official: Trump didn't know it was Gadhafi

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - A town official said Donald Trump told her he did not know Moammar Gadhafi might be involved when he rented out a section of his estate.

Bedford Town Supervisor Lee Roberts said that Trump claimed his deal was with partners in the United Arab Emirates and that he 'had no idea' it might involve the Libyan leader.

Trump's office did not return a call Thursday. Trump refused Wednesday to answer questions about when he learned his land might be used by the unpopular Gadhafi.

Kennedy's Senate replacement named executor

BOSTON - The man who was appointed to serve as the interim replacement for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy has also been named executor of his will, it was revealed Thursday.

Kennedy named his longtime friend Paul Kirk as executor in a five-page will filed in Barnstable Probate Court. Kennedy signed it Aug. 25, 2006 - exactly three years before he died.

The document was filed the same day Gov. Deval Patrick appointed Kirk to serve as interim senator. A special election to fill Kennedy's seat will be held in January, and Kirk said he will not be a candidate in that race.

Measure seeks to repeal Calif. gay marriage ban

SAN FRANCISCO - A group pushed ahead Thursday with a campaign to repeal California's same-sex marriage ban, even though some other gay rights organizations think it's too soon for another expensive ballot fight.

Los Angeles-based Love Honor Cherish proposed ballot language to strike the ban approved by state voters in November as Proposition 8.

The new ballot proposal says religious institutions would not be required to perform same-sex unions if it conflicts with their beliefs.

Spacecraft spies frozen water in Martian craters

PASADENA, Calif. - A spacecraft orbiting Mars has spotted water ice in several impact craters midway between the north pole and equator - the first time ice so close to the surface has been discovered so far south on the red planet.

Instruments on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter estimated that the newfound ice is 99 percent pure.

Previous spacecraft have spied ice lurking below the Martian surface. Before the Phoenix lander froze to death last year, it dug trenches and touched ice specks at its arctic landing site.

'Full attack' on California wildfire

MOORPARK, Calif. - A fleet of helicopters made water drops as bulldozers carved firebreaks Thursday to stop a 25-square-mile wildfire burning through an agricultural region of Southern California.

High heat and very low humidity kept fire danger high even though meteorologists said the dry Santa Ana winds that spread the flames through rural Ventura County were weakening.

The 16,400-acre blaze northwest of Los Angeles was 40 percent surrounded, and the effort to increase containment involved 21 helicopters, 21 bulldozers, 214 fire engines and 1,800 firefighters. Eight air tankers were also available.

Feds: Suspect hit beauty stores for bomb supplies

NEW YORK - An Afghan immigrant plotted for more than a year to detonate homemade bombs in the United States, had recently bought bomb-making supplies from beauty supply stores and was looking for 'urgent' help in the past two weeks to make explosives, an indictment charged Thursday.

Najibullah Zazi - a 24-year-old airport shuttle driver who authorities said received explosives and weapons training from al-Qaida during a trip to Pakistan last year - was charged in New York with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.