Letter to the editor: Coalition rally is coverage worthy

On Saturday, Aug. 22, I attended a rally at the Gwinnett Marriott which was a function of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. I first read about this group in your article about Ralph Reed and fully expected to see coverage in your paper after the rally.

I evidently missed it - which is unusual because I almost always read the paper from front page to the classifieds. Since I've never considered the Gwinnett Daily Post to be particularly partisan, I was very disappointed that you chose not to report on the rally.

This was definitely a grass roots type rally, the Marriott ballroom was packed and it was electrifying. The speakers - Ralph Reed, Sean Hannity and Oliver North - were fantastic. Several politicians - John Linder, Johnny Isakson and Tom Price - also spoke. There was even a surprise guest speaker - actor, Jon Voight.

Since when could Gwinnett County play host to that many prominent people in one room and it isn't considered newsworthy? Since when have we had a Hollywood actor, the father of another Hollywood star show up in Gwinnett County and not read about it in our county paper?

Is it because you didn't like what they had to say?

- Cheryl Rowe