Teacher of the year: Honorees named for 2009-10

LAWRENCEVILLE - Of more than 11,000 Gwinnett County Public Schools teachers, 112 have been honored by their colleagues as the 2009-10 Teacher of the Year at their local schools.

The Friday announcement is the beginning of the official search for Gwinnett County's 2009-10 Teacher of the Year, an annual celebration recognizing the power of each teacher as they challenge Gwinnett children for a successful future.

All the local school honorees nominated by their peers will be considered for the systemwide honor, according to a news release. From this group of more than 100 teachers, 20 semifinalists will be chosen in early October.

The semifinalists' applications will be scored to determine the six finalists, who will be named in mid-October.

A selection committee made up of teachers, central office personnel and administrators will visit the classrooms of the six finalists and conduct interviews with each educator. The committee looks for original teaching methods, studies the educator's teaching philosophy and reviews any special class projects the teacher has initiated.

From the finalists, the committee will select a Teacher of the Year for each school level - elementary, middle and high. One of the level winners will be recognized as Gwinnett's 2009-10 Teacher of the Year. The annual Teacher of the Year banquet and the announcement of this year's top teacher will be held on Nov. 5.

SideBar: At A Glance

2009-10 Local School Teachers of the Year

The following list contains the names of the 112 Gwinnett County Public Schools teachers selected by their colleagues as the 2009-10 Teacher of the Year at their local schools and the subject they teach. Honorees were not selected for the following new schools and special facilities: Archer High, Bay Creek Middle, Couch Middle, Hooper Renwick School, Mountain View High, North Gwinnett Middle, Starling Elementary, Twin Rivers Middle, White Oak Elementary and Woodward Mill Elementary.

· Alcova Elementary - Sarah Erickson, art

· Alford Elementary - Wende Gilbert, third grade

· Annistown Elementary - Emma O'Gorman, first grade

· Arcado Elementary - Nancy Harrison, first grade

· Beaver Ridge Elementary - Maria Yarmac, fourth grade

· Benefield Elementary - Kristy Wellborn, science

· Berkeley Lake Elementary - Anne VanGalder, special education

· Berkmar High - Charles "Chet" Fraley, physics and environmental science

· Berkmar Middle - Tom Malone, English to Speakers of Other Languages (Grades 7-8)

· Bethesda Elementary - Alana Stanton, first grade

· Britt Elementary - Tom McNeill, science specialist

· Brookwood Elementary - Laurie Donovan, fourth grade

· Brookwood High - Joe Cox, Advanced Placement Physics B and Advanced Placement Physics C (Grades 11-12)

· Buice School - Ayana Vega, special education (Pre-K)

· Camp Creek Elementary - Sonya Lacy, first grade

· Cedar Hill Elementary - Jennifer Frame, English to Speakers of Other Languages (Grades 2, 4 and 5)

· Centerville Elementary - Neil Reese, fifth grade

· Central Gwinnett High - Hope Campbell, psychology (Grade 12)

· Chattahoochee Elementary - Sally Southerland, first grade

· Chesney Elementary - Kerry Smith, mathematics specialist

· Collins Hill High - Muriel Davison, French

· Cooper Elementary - Leslie Mitchem, kindergarten

· Corley Elementary - Hope J. Williams, mathematics and science (Grade 4)

· Craig Elementary - Pam Heslep, kindergarten

· Creekland Middle - Tarcida Hernandez, mathematics (Grade 8)

· Crews Middle - Deborah Stringfellow, life science (Grade 7)

· Dacula Elementary - Leslie Grubbs, art

· Dacula High - Lisa Hursey, science, chemistry and Advanced Placement biology

· Dacula Middle - Sandra Pate, science (Grade 7)

· Duluth High - Gregg Tavani, economics and political systems (Grade 12)

· Duluth Middle - Jennifer Burley, gifted science (Grade 7)

· Duncan Creek Elementary - Pamela Freed, fifth grade

· Dyer Elementary - Katie Wright, kindergarten

· Five Forks Middle - Tracy Senker, gifted science (Grade 7)

· Fort Daniel Elementary - Lisa Bradberry, writing, science and grammar (Grade 5)

· Freeman's Mill Elementary - Jennifer Chandler, first Grade

· GIVE Center East - John Johnson, language arts (Grades 9 and 11)

· GIVE Center West - Mary Southerland, health and physical education (Grades 6-8)

· Grayson Elementary - Robin Carraway, first grade

· Grayson High - Dianne T. Akin, chemistry

· Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology - Chuck Lockert, engineering

· Gwin Oaks Elementary - Sharon Amolo, media specialist

· Harbins Elementary - Bridget Saldana, mathematics and reading transition (Grades 3-5)

· Harmony Elementary - Kim Clark, third grade

· Harris Elementary - Faye Edwards, fifth grade

· Head Elementary - Shann Griffith, physical education

· Hopkins Elementary - Karen Marks, fourth grade

· Hull Middle - Cindy Dziwura, gifted social studies (Grade 7)

· Ivy Creek Elementary - Julie Beard, kindergarten

· Jackson Elementary - Jennifer A. Warren, second grade

· Jones Middle - Karen Price, gifted algebra (Grade 8)

· Kanoheda Elementary - Angela Ash, kindergarten

· Knight Elementary - Christopher Gordon, fifth grade

· Lanier Middle - Cyndi Smith, language arts (Grade 8)

· Lawrenceville Elementary - Derrielle Morris, mathematics

· Level Creek Elementary - Joannie Waters, gifted education (Grade 2) and accelerated cluster language arts (Grade 5)

· Lilburn Elementary - Guerlene Serran-Merisme, literacy support (Grade 5)

· Lilburn Middle - Julian Gonzalez, orchestra

· Lovin Elementary - Joan Burger, local school technology coordinator

· Magill Elementary - Jeannette Gee, early intervention program

· Mason Elementary - Shay Buchanan, science

· Maxwell High School of Technology - Tricia Floyd, pre-K

· McConnell Middle - Barbara B. Smith, gifted science (Grade 7)

· McKendree Elementary - Mary Mester, kindergarten

· Meadowcreek Elementary - Lindsey Shannon, first grade

· Meadowcreek High - Nikita Palmer Toombs, theater

· Mill Creek High - Jennifer Rolfes, special education

· Minor Elementary - Patty Grindo, gifted education

· Monarch School - Andy Clinansmith, special education (ADAPT Program)

· Mountain Park Elementary - Kristin McCord, writing and language arts (Grade 5)

· Mulberry Elementary - Jonathan Day, fourth grade

· Nesbit Elementary - Carolyn Bailey, second grade

· Norcross Elementary - Marla Olivier, third grade

· Norcross High - James Glenn, Advanced Placement World History and Advanced Placement Human Geography

· North Gwinnett High - James A. "Tony" Blanton, U.S. history (Grade 11)

· Norton Elementary - Allison Luton, media specialist

· Oakland Meadow School - Lora Carter, special education (Grade 12)

· Osborne Middle - Kim A. Foster, language arts (Grade 6)

· Parkview High - Sanja Knezovic, German

· Parsons Elementary - Joe Frank Uriz, Spanish

· Partee Elementary - Laura Rilling, art

· Patrick Elementary - Julie Herron, first grade

· Peachtree Elementary - Erin Walsh, first grade

· Peachtree Ridge High - Tom Myers, language arts

· Pharr Elementary - Shawn Freeman, mathematics and science (Grade 5)

· Phoenix High - Becky Raffalovich, photography, fine arts and digital media production and design

· Pinckneyville Middle - George Evans, chorus

· Puckett's Mill Elementary - Jessica E. Marshall, second grade

· Radloff Middle - Karen Casanova, English to Speakers of Other Languages

· Richards Middle - Nicole Johnson, mathematics

· Riverside Elementary - Ginger Cox, third grade

· Rock Springs Elementary - Carolyn Madden, special education

· Rockbridge Elementary - Tyler Waidner, special education (Grades K and 2)

· Rosebud Elementary - Lisa Mills, fifth grade

· Shiloh Elementary - Dranita Morrow, literacy coordinator, early intervention program and transition

· Shiloh High - Keenon Hall, language arts (Grades 10 and 12)

· Shiloh Middle - Miranda Pearson, mathematics (Grade 7)

· Simonton Elementary - Marquitis Adams, first grade

· Simpson Elementary - Elaine Chou, first grade

· Snellville Middle - Amanda Edwards, chorus

· South Gwinnett High - Donald "James" Williamson Jr., geometry (Grade 10)

· Stripling Elementary - Shamika Ballard-Simpson, literacy coach and reading and writing (Grades K-2)

· Sugar Hill Elementary - Carmen Smith, second grade

· Summerour Middle - Rawson Gordon, language arts (Grade 8)

· Suwanee Elementary - Lisa Watts, third grade

· Sweetwater Middle - Michele Celani, social studies (Grade 8)

· Sycamore Elementary - Deborah Massey, special education

· Taylor Elementary - Kimberly M. Smith, fourth grade

· Trickum Middle - Lisa Cohorst, social studies (Grade 7)

· Trip Elementary - Robin Brainard, fifth grade

· Walnut Grove Elementary - Sara Luke, special education (Pre-K)

· Winn Holt Elementary - Mark Landtroop, fourth grade