Lawsuit against Barker, 'Price is Right' tossed

LOS ANGELES - A judge on Friday threw out a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former 'The Price is Right' employee against CBS and former host Bob Barker.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey dismissed the case after finding there were no issues for a trial to resolve, attorneys handling the case said.

Deborah Curling sued Barker and the network in October 2007, alleging she was improperly fired from the show and forced to endure a hostile work environment.

Curling claimed she was dismissed because she testified in a former co-worker's wrongful termination case. She also accused Barker of making racist and anti-Semitic jokes, but Mackey determined she hadn't proven that claim.

Elizabeth Taylor raises HIV funds with fashion

LOS ANGELES - Elizabeth Taylor is lending her timeless style to a fashion show that raises money and awareness for HIV and AIDS.

The 77-year-old actress said she plans to attend the Macy's Passport fundraiser Thursday in Santa Monica to show support for the event she helped establish 27 years ago.

Though she makes few public appearances, Taylor said she wants to remind people not to become complacent about HIV and AIDS because the virus is 'still in the foreground and very much in our consciousness.'

NY auction to sell famous self-portraits

NEW YORK - Scribbled self-portraits by famous artists, writers and athletes including Kurt Vonnegut, Lauren Bacall and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are going on the auction block.

They were collected by Manhattan bookseller Burt Britton. His hobby began in the mid-1960s with Norman Mailer. Britton was then bartending at the Village Vanguard and the author was his customer.

Bloomsbury Auctions will be offering 213 lots of the self-portraits in New York on Thursday. Some are crude and funny caricatures; others depict a close likeness to the subject.