'Dirty Dancing' town plans Swayze service

RALEIGH, N.C. - Residents of the small North Carolina town where dance instructor Johnny Castle practiced lifts with Baby Houseman in the iconic movie 'Dirty Dancing' will remember star Patrick Swayze with a memorial service this weekend.

Age and fire have claimed many landmarks from the movie, but its imprint on Lake Lure, where much of it was filmed, remains.

'We've gotten a lot of calls from the community, from people wanting some place to go,' said Michelle Whitaker of the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority in the western part of the state. 'The idea was born of people calling and requesting, 'What can I do? Where can I go to pay my respects?'

Swayze died Monday evening in Los Angeles after fighting pancreatic cancer. He was 57. Among his best-known roles was Castle, the dance instructor at a Catskills resort who charms Baby, an idealistic young woman vacationing there with her family.

The town memorial service will be Saturday at Firefly Cove, a housing development that was a summer camp when 'Dirty Dancing' was filmed in 1987.

Meyers says Palin 'fastball' for 'SNL' writers

NEW YORK - Sarah Palin may not be around as a font of comic material this year, but Seth Meyers of 'Saturday Night Live' doubts he'll be starved for things to poke fun at.

The 'SNL' season begins this week with the first of three NBC's 'Weekend Update Thursday' specials this fall. For the first two, Meyers will be joined by 'SNL' alum Amy Poehler as his co-anchor.

A certain dread lingered backstage at last year's shows during Tina Fey's memorable impersonations of the Republican vice presidential candidate, Meyers said.

'We were a little bit terrified because it was such juicy material we didn't want to let ourselves down by missing on it,' Meyers said. 'We got a fastball last year.'

The attention may not be as intense this year, but politicians are still providing plenty of material, he said.

Fred Armisen will continue to portray President Barack Obama. 'As a writing staff, we do find it kind of tricky to crack the Obama nut, but I do think we'll get there,' he said.