Commissioners approve assisted-living facility

LAWRENCEVILLE - County commissioners voted to approve a rezoning request Tuesday that allows for a second Noble Village senior assisted-living facility to be built on the 5700 block of Spalding Drive in what is presently the Faith Life Fellowship Church.

The case for a second Noble Village was tabled three weeks ago at the behest of Commissioner Mike Beaudreau after conditions which had been recommended by the planning commission were not accepted by the applicant, Noble Village at Spalding LLC, which is comprised of District 1 Planning Commissioner Mark Gary and his brother Tim.

"My only concern has been that the community was aware of any changes that have occurred in the planning commission revisions," Beaudreau said in making his motion to approve. "I was under strict orders to make sure that the conditions that the homeowners and the Gary's worked on so hard were upheld. My concern has never been with the product. The product speaks for itself and they do an exceptional job with their product."

Peachtree Corners resident Ron Santaniello said nearby homeowners were OK with the project as long as the strict conditions in place were now adhered to.

"Now it's the vigilance stage of making sure these things are followed," Santaniello said. "We just need to make sure that what is in the conditions and what is in our expectations is met."

At issue in the differing sets of conditions were a 50-foot buffer between abutting homes and the proposed development and the ability for the project to be site-plan specific with planning commission review authority. Homeowners were adamant about including both.

Commissioners Bert Nasuti and Kevin Kenerly had previously stated they wouldn't vote because of what could be perceived as a possible conflict of interest. That left Commissioners Beaudreau, Shirley Lasseter and Chairman Charles Bannister as the three necessary votes if the project was to be approved.

Planning Commissioner Gary has been charged with four counts of failing to disclose his campaign contributions on rezoning applications, and two of those counts stemmed from the second Noble Village request. With Gary's political contributions directed at Bannister and Lasseter, the swing vote Tuesday belonged to Beaudreau. But Lasseter reiterated that miscommunication and bad timing were the reasons behind the condition mix up at the public hearing three weeks prior.