Church to discuss taboo topic
Seminar tackles effect of pornography on families

NORCROSS - At Victory World Church in Norcross, special weekend services Sept. 18 through 20 include sermons, pastries, pizza and ... pornography?

Victory World Church is noted for its brash approach to worship with things like its The Elephant in the Pew series, which tackles divisive and often taboo topics in their relation to the church. The Porn Talk is certainly no different. Victory will play host to a bevy of industry critics, as well as individuals affected by the allure of pornography.

The weekend, the fourth in the church's Elephant in the Pew series, tackles the issue of pornography and its effect on the lives of families, marriages and children. Programming includes events tailored for men, women, parents and children, including Porn & Pastries (for women only), Porn & Pancakes (for men only), Porn & Parents (for parents) and Porn & Pizza (for middle and high school students).

Pam Parish, director of marketing for Victory, suggests the talks will focus on "pornography and the effects it has within the church - on the people sitting in our pews every week."

"Pornography is one of those issues that comes up again and again in broken families and homes," she added. "We want to, as a church, not be afraid of a topic that seem controversial."

The four services are also designed to equip individuals with the tools to help protect their homes and computers, enabling families with the practical resources to monitor exposure to the devastation of pornography.

The event features guest speaker Craig Gross, founder of XXXchurch.com, the so-called "#1 Christian porn Web site." The organization cites its purpose as bringing awareness, openness and accountability to those affected by pornography. Gross will speak on combating pornography in the home, including battling addiction and methods of prevention.

Statistics on pornography from Family Safe Media suggest that nearly half of all Christians admit that it is a problem in their homes, while the average age a child is first exposed to pornography is 11 years old.