Loganville Rotary Club to help park

LOGANVILLE - During Thursday night's city council meeting, The Loganville Rotary Club announced its intent to donate a service project to the city's newest park, Destination Park. Club members will purchase stationary exercise equipment, install it and landscape an area within the park for patrons' use.

City councilwoman Eileen Waring, who chairs the city's Parks and Greenspace committee, expressed her gratitude for the Rotary Club's donation.

Millage rate stays same

City councilman Mark Kiddoo announced, following a 6:30 p.m. public hearing Thursday, that Loganville's millage rate will remain at 10.27 mills. He warned homeowners that, although the millage rate was held for the 2009-10 budget, they can expect to see higher property tax bills than last year's.

The reason for the increase, estimated to be about $83 annually for a $150,000 home, is the state legislature's decision not to fund the Homeowner's Tax Relief Grant due to budget shortfalls. With that decision, Loganville residents will have to make up the approximately $179,000 deficit this year.

Rezoning approved

Council members voted to approve a rezoning request for the tearoom located on C.S. Floyd Road on Thursday. Owner Christopher Barber petitioned the city to zone the .73 acre property for Office and Industrial use, to accommodate offices for his utility contracting business.

The property is located within the city's historic district, so the character of the structure must remain as it is.