Win some, lose some

Some great football teams have called Gwinnett home in the past decade. Some really unsuccessful ones, too.

Between the two, it's made the county a name statewide for better and worse.

Parkview won a state-record 46 straight games from 2000 to 2003, only to be topped when Buford's streak reached 47 games the following season. The Wolves' have continued their success with a current winning streak of 32 games, while Wesleyan has a nice 14-game streak going at the moment.

Meadowcreek also made headlines for a streak, one in futility, in recent seasons. The Mustangs' losing streak reached a county-record 43 games before it ended last September with a win over Duluth.

Duluth also stopped its own losing streak at 19 last Friday, getting a 25-7 victory over Meadowcreek.

When I got that final score texted to my phone last week, a brief smile popped onto my face. Sure, I hated to see my wife's alma mater lose. But I also knew Meadowcreek's players experienced a win as recent as last season. Duluth's last win was Sept. 7, 2007.

That's what it came down to for me, causing my inner happiness for the Duluth kids. Wins and losses mean something, but at the high school level it can be just as much about the lessons that young players learn from those victories and defeats.

The youngsters at Duluth and Meadowcreek deserve to get the feeling of both. They should get to walk off the field satisfied, knowing the victory was the reward for their grueling practices. They should leave the game, as they unfortunately have much too often, humbled in defeat.

On the other end of the spectrum is a powerhouse like Buford. Many of the Wolves - much like the state-record teams at Buford and Parkview earlier this decade - know nothing but success at the varsity level. The class of 2003 at Buford and 2002 had plenty of players, those who didn't play varsity as freshmen, who never experienced a varsity loss.

If Buford continues its current run, that may happen again. Not that such an impressive winning streak is a bad thing. But if the Wolves were to slip up at some point in the regular season, it wouldn't be the end of the world, either.

They may even learn a few life lessons. Those come in victory and defeat.

Will Hammock can be reached via e-mail at will.hammock@gwinnettdailypost.com. His column appears on Thursdays.