Coming to a neighborhood near you: Permits

DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATIONS - The following are development permits received by the Gwinnett Planning and Development Department. Developers have submitted plans for these sites but have not received the Planning and Development Department's OK to begin clearing the land. Permit applications received Aug. 17 to 28.

1. Where: 3895 Zoar Church Road, Snellville

What: Zoar United Methodist Church (cell phone tower per TSP2009-00019)

2. Where: 2320 Meadow Church Way, Duluth

What: USPS Duluth American Tower (150-foot tower)

3. Where: 3265 Commerce Ave., Duluth

What: R2B2 Motors (drainage and fencing addition only)

DEVELOPMENT PERMITS ISSUED - Here's a look at development permits issued by the Gwinnett Planning and Development Department. A development permit allows the developer to clear and grade the land, but it does not give the go-ahead for building the structure. These development permits were issued Aug. 17 - Aug. 28.

4. Where: 1420 Rock Springs Road, Buford

What: Covenant Presbyterian Church (addition)

5. Where: 1882 Mitchell Road, Norcross

What: Blaze Recycling (drainage improvements)

6. Where: 4715 Spout Springs Road, Buford

What: Calvary Chapel (addition of modular building)