The following local students were name to the dean's list at Valdosta State University for the spring 2009 semester.

Stephanie Diane Boulware, Kyle Thomas Hanson, Lauren Taylor Holder, Amy Lynne Kruger, Jeffrey James Miller, Amberly Robyn Russell, Melanie Lynn Terwoord and Cynthia Leigh Winham, all of Buford.

Cory Austin Bryan, Jessica Allison Miller, Ross William Montgomery and Connor Patrick Tunney, all of Dacula.

Joseph Alan Alvarez, Ashley Lauren Brewer, Ashley Nicole Claassen, Jarrod J. DeLoach, Kayla E. Green, Daniel Robert Hitt, Lera Holden Long, Brittany Paige Norman, Meredith Casey Nuckols, Katrina Ann Reid, Brooke Lee Rinik, Lauren Elaine Ward and Stephanie Lynn Wolfgang, all of Duluth.

Rachel Ann Cortellino, Donald Andrew Lamb and Kathryn Lee West, all of Grayson.

Ann B. Adeleke, Jessica Jane Ashcraft, Eric Marshall Billington, Amy Lee Bradshaw, Courtney Lauren Byrd, Krystal Kate Comer, Emily Jane Conheady, Nina Jane Cordaro, Brandon M. Corley, Amy Elizabeth Dannaker, Ana-Alicia Tiffany Fraser, Mariam Abdulkadir Gabow, Sean Keith Gaffey, Michael Lance Gamble, MaryEllen Lea Hogan, Cameron Reid Hoopes, Shane Stephen Kelleher, Lindsey Nicole Lavin, Nicholas Stewart Law, Kira Malyn Lyons, McKenzie Rae McCowan, Leah Michelle Oshinski, Javier Perezreynoso, Ashley Dawn Pinkerton, Ashley Michelle Roberts, Parnass Lim Savang, Michael A. Schick, Mikal Beyene Tecle, Josh Paul Terrell, Andrew James Tyrrell, Randyn Jamarr Williams and Courtney Allison Yurkosky, all of Lawrenceville.

Noelia Cuadrado, Angela Michelle Davis, Kate Elizabeth Doerfler, John Karl Holladay, Christen Coulter Orr, Brian Joseph Work and Meghan Gale Wright, all of Lilburn.

Paul James Blackburn, Chris Michael Brosan, Taylor Ashley Gallo, Tracy Allyn Greaves, Michael Vincent Greaves, Jennifer Leigh Johnson, Amy Melisa McEachin, Adrianna Verona Powell and Lauren Elizabeth Scaffa, all of Loganville.

Nicole Christine Predmore of Norcross.

Jasmine Rachel Bailey, Megan Bloom, Lauren Melissa Chandler, Brittia Denise Davis, David Michael Foster, Caitlin Nicole Glennon, Ashley Nicole Green, Laura Marie Hanneken, Adenike Zenab Laguda, Kerry Leigh Murphy, Carla Regina Olivar, Timothy Paul Olivar, Anne Martin Palnau, Katherine Cecilia Shoup, Latifat Olutinuke Sotunbo and Audrey Veronica Steele, all of Snellville.

Jeffrey Adam Costardo of Sugar Hill.

The following Gwinnett students graduated from Valdosta State University:

Christopher Michael Cox (B.F.A. in Speech Communication) and Bryan Joseph Garris (B.M. in Music Education - Grades PreK-12 and Music Performance) of Buford.

Cory Austin Bryan (B.S. in Chemistry) and Ross William Montgomery (B.S. in Biology) of Dacula.

Jessica Lauren Brown (B.S.E. in Early Childhood Education), Elicia M. Katz (B.F.A. in Mass Media), Zachary Ryan Lorber (B.F.A. in Theatre Arts), Katrina Ann Reid (B.F.A. in Dance) and Bryan William Shields (B.S. in Computer Information Systems), all of Duluth.

Kristin Tricia Chaillou (B.F.A. in Speech Communication), Rachel Ann Cortellino (B.S.E. in Communication Disorders) and Kathryn Lee West (B.F.A. in Interior Design), all of Grayson.

Lorraine Elizabeth Badgett (M.E. in Communication Disorders), Mariam Abdulkadir Gabow (B.B.A. in Marketing), Amber Lyn Heckethorn (B.F.A. in Speech Communication), Sarah Kathleen Lohmar (B.S.E. in Middle Grades Education), Taylor Michelle Pilat (M.E. in Communication Disorders), Ashley Dawn Pinkerton (B.A. in History), Ashley Michelle Roberts (B.A. in Political Science), Thomas Christopher Stewart (B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies), Andrew Thomas Stone (B.B.A. in Marketing), Brent Lee Witcher (B.F.A. in Speech Communication) and Courtney Allison Yurkosky (B.F.A. in Speech Communication), all of Lawrenceville.

Stephen Paul Bostwick (B.A. in History), Jamee Dale Campbell (B.B.A. in Finance and Accounting), Noelia Cuadrado (B.S. in Exercise Physiology), Elizabeth Andres Hauert (B.S. in Office Administration and Technology), Kathleen Ann Waller (M.E. in Special Education) and Brian Joseph Work (B.F.A. in Theatre Arts), all of Lilburn.

Gabriel Bryan Bailie (B.S.E. in Middle Grades Education), Tracy Allyn Greaves (B.S. in Athletic Training), Megan Ann Stephens (B.S.E. in Middle Grades Education) and Amanda Danielle Warner (B.F.A. in Mass Media), all of Loganville.

Nicole Garza (B.S.E. in Early Childhood Education) and Laura Ann Nuse (B.F.A. in Art) of Norcross.

Carrie Virginia Thompson (B.M. in Music Education- Grades PreK-12 and Music Performance) of Snellville.

Ashley Diane Hansen of Dacula graduated May 2 from North Georgia College & State University, where she received a doctorate degree in physical therapy. She is a 2002 graduate of Dacula High School.

Kinsley Baye Harrell of Lilburn graduated June 20 from South University in Savannah.

She received a doctor of pharmacy degree.

Jeffrey White of Lilburn graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago at the May Commencement. He received a Bachelor of Science degree.

Kurtis Doehrman of Loganville and India Pender of Grayson were honored through Comcast's annual Leaders and Acheievers Scholarship Program. Recipients earned $1,000 in scholarship money and were treated to an awards ceremony at Turner Field.

The following students graduated from Young Harris College at its commencement ceremony May 9:

Karl William Lane, son of Keidi Lane of Sugar Hill and the grandson of Karl and Gerda Kautter of Murrayville, received an associates degree in athletic training.

Cayla Nicole Richardson, daughter of Tony and Cayla Richardson of Sugar Hill and the granddaughter of Charlotte Miller of Thomasville and Wandell Shirley of Albany, received an associates degree in education.

Elizabeth Toledo of Lawrenceville has been named to the dean's list at Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., for the spring 2009 semester.

Christina Adelakun was named to the dean's list at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut for the spring 2009 semester. She is the daughter of Ms. Tope Alebiosu of Lawrenceville.

Daniel Leon Warzon Jr. and Jessica Ann Johnson, both of Lawrenceville, graduated from Young Harris College and were named to the dean's list for the spring 2009 semester. Both received an associate degree.

Foyeke Adeyelu Adeyemo of Dacula received a doctorate in medicine from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

The following local students graduated from Georgia Southern University after completing the spring 2009 semester:

Christopher Smith, Thomas Mitchell, Lacole Ofosu, Brent Saylor, Charles Jackson, Christopher Krantz, Kayla Pittmann, Jeff Hill, Katie Wilson and Stephen Triemer, all of Lilburn.

Krista Morrison, Robert Blake, Colleen Znosko, Jorgen Olsen, Elizabeth Lynch, Amanda Herrera, Kenneth Diggs, Matthew Paige, James Pearce, Catherine Drury, William Swartz, Daneisha Smith, Amanda Botte, Andrew Borgognoni, Tiffani Lynch, Adrienne Foote, Elizabeth Graham, Otitochukwu Uwechue, Roxanna Cuadra, Lauren Perez and Valerie Taylor, all of Lawrenceville.

Gregory Pittman, Eric Swanson, Corey Barnwell, Brianna Boutelle and Michael Stone, all of Duluth.

Sarah Ferguson, Daryl Allen, Daniela Gugu, Emily Dehart, Rachael Gattis, Kelly Patterson, Katie Creighton, Dane Van Dervoort, Wayne Mitchum, Misty Shaw and Matilde Pettengill, all of Snellville.

Jason Vance, James Ledford, Tarek Mentouri, Chadwick Glidewell, Kevin Keel, Leslie Hendrix and Heather Roberts, all of Buford.

Todd Childs, Kofoworola Sholesi, Ari Dortch and Pretoria Collins, all of Lithonia.

Brain Worth, Jeremy Bagley, Aubrey Smith, Jessica Rives, Danielle Stewart, Ashley Falk, Sarah Day, Scott Szymanski and Kala Jones, all of Suwanee.

Laura Harris, Andrew O'Lenick, Alex Oberstein, Clay Turner, Kristen Spotts, Angele Legg and Megan Daniels, all of Dacula.

Jessica Bassett of Loganville.

Joshua Farrell of Grayson.

Melissa Martin and Odelle Crossley, both of Stone Mountain.

Danielle Meehan of Norcross.

Nicole Potter of Sugar Hill.

Elizabeth Brown, Ryan Carroll and Adam Marion, all of Hoschton.

Esli Saint-Louis and Nicole Robinson, both of Bethlehem.

Folasade Oshinubi of Auburn.

Alexander Espinoza of Lawrenceville graduated from Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I., after completing the spring 2009 semester. He received a bachelor's degree in social and health services.

Andrew Bogage of Norcross was named to the honor roll at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Elsa Trigas Burgess of Lilburn earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College in Albany, N.Y.

Aekta K. Patel of Sugar Hill was named to the dean's list at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., for the spring 2009 quarter.