Barrow firefighters have national training in the bag

WINDER - Several months of hard work behind them, every firefighter with Barrow County Emergency Services has passed written and practical tests to bring themselves up to National Professional Qualifications.

The book work and field testing have only strengthened the department, officials said.

"This training has helped all the firefighters to become better trained and prepared to do their jobs, as well as helping reduce the liability of the county," training officer Capt. Bryan Bullock said.

Last month, more than 20 firefighters decided to take their local department's certification one step further, aiming for the national level.

Enter: Members of the Henry County Fire Department, who administered tests in Barrow by the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications.

The training - which took place primarily at the Barrow County Airport - included topics such as fire-ground hydraulics, defensive driving and apparatus check-off procedures, said the department's spokesman Lt. Scott Dakin.

"Every citizen can be proud of the firefighters for this accomplishment," Bullock said. "They can also feel safe knowing that the department and the firefighters are committed to improving their skills."