Man accused of raping teen

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville man is in jail after police said he took an 18-year-old woman from her home and raped her Sunday morning while her parents were at church.

Joseph William Anderson, 33, is being held without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail, charged with kidnapping and forcible rape.

According to police, Anderson showed up at the woman's house at about 9 a.m. in a car belonging to her friend's sister. He reportedly called the house wanting to know if the woman was home, but police said she was asleep and hung up. He called back, reports said, and told the woman to come outside because he was waiting on her.

Recognizing the car, the woman said she went outside and recognized Anderson as a friend's boyfriend.

According to reports, Anderson asked the woman to get into the car, which she did after noticing a black handgun in Anderson's lap. He then drove her, police said, to an apartment complex about three miles away and forced her to have sex inside the car, saying he had "been dreaming of this."

After being dropped off at her house at about 10:15 a.m., police said, the woman immediately called to report the incident. Investigators said Anderson returned to the house after the woman called him and said she left her wallet under the seat.

It is unclear if a gun or other evidence was found in the car, which was towed to the Lawrenceville Police Department.