POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Linder: Pelosi fails to live up to promise

Gwinnett's senior congressman blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she failed to live up to her promise of bipartisanship.

In a press release, U.S. Rep. John Linder, R-Duluth, said Pelosi is continuing the "path of authoritarian control" with the latest draft of the health care bill.

"Speaker Pelosi's near total control over the substance of this bill is a testament to her broken promises of bipartisanship and transparency as well as her near complete disregard for what the American people have been calling for these past few months: less government control over their lives and their pocketbooks," said Linder, a Republican who has served in the House since 1993.

"I simply can't understand why the Democrats continue to believe that the American people will accept a bill that was written in secret, behind closed doors, and without the input of the vast majority of Congress," he said. "Republicans and Democrats alike were kept out of the room and in the dark for months by the Speaker. That's not what President Obama promised, and it shouldn't be tolerated."

Along with other members of the GOP, Linder said the new bill will hurt Americans more than it will help and will do little for the middle-class.

"It should come as no surprise in the future when a new Pelosi Tax must be levied on all Georgians in an attempt to pay for this Medicaid expansion," Linder said. "Republicans have introduced over 40 bills aimed at reforming our health care system without bankrupting our grandchildren, but true to her track-record, Speaker Pelosi has not allowed any of those ideas to be added to her health care bill. This bill is clearly her attempt to reshape the American economy in the image that she believes is best for America, but it is certainly not what Americans know to be best for themselves."

Another tea party planned

Leaders have scheduled more tea parties this week.

Monday's event at the Georgia State Capitol is part of a nationwide effort of the Tea Party Patriots to send a message to leaders one year before the next major election.

With the theme of "One Year to Judgment Day," the 6 p.m. rally will feature radio talk show host Herman Cain, radio show host Martha Zoller, country music recording artist John Berry, gubernatorial candidates and Jonathon Krohn, the Duluth teen who has gained national attention for his political punditry.

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