Letters: County showed great skill in flood response

Gwinnett County recently experienced flooding and water damage unlike anything seen in several generations. My trip to work from Lilburn to Lawrenceville on Monday, Sept. 21, was blocked by rising water and closed roads in nearly every direction. Though the conditions were tough for all of us, I saw Gwinnett's transportation, police and emergency rescue folks out in force and doing an incredible job.

Few residents realize that the county had significantly reduced its staff the Friday before the floods. Many management level personnel had just retired the week before the deluge. The organized response that I witnessed was a true testament to the planning and training that occurred before the departure of some of our more experienced department leaders.

Our new leaders picked up the ball and ran with it as if they had been in charge for 30 years - and they performed above and beyond what anyone could have expected. They did a great job during the floods and they have continued to show tremendous skill in getting our roads and everything else back to normal.

Thank you Brian Allen, Charlie Walters and Bill Myers. Each of you has an incredible team.