Film fans disagree on 'Vampire's Assistant'

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4 out of 4 stars

Alchemy. If I could use one word to describe "The Vampire's Assistant," this would be it. I was thoroughly entertained by the film, which manages to be vampire spoof, serious story and suspenseful drama - all at the same time. John C. Reilly's character, in my opinion, was the cornerstone of the movie. Quick-witted and sarcastic at times, tender and fatherly at others toward his half vampire protégé, he turns on a dime and always keeps you guessing. When he does surprise you, you cry out with gleeful delight and want to play again. Can a vampire be ethical? Yes! Enjoy this one.

- Jay Elliott,


1 out of 4 stars

This movie is straightforward, predictable and silly. In addition to vampires, the movie introduced a variety of freaks, such as the bearded lady, the wolfman, gnomes, monkey girl, snake boy, etc. In fact, the cast was so crowded with novel little creatures and fancy magic that I could easily have been watching a "Harry Potter" movie. With caricature-like characters, simplistic "moral" dilemmas, repetitive props and scenery and wooden dialogue, a film like this would normally go straight to DVD in a world without "Twilight." Save your time and money and skip this one.

- Jenni McKinney, Buford

3 1/2 out of 4 stars

On balance, this is an interesting and entertaining flick. The vampires are creepy and the film moves well, save a few drags. John C. Reilly does a very good job playing the vampire leader who runs a freak circus with some real goofy characters as performers. Chris Massoglia plays Darren, an average high school student, who gets roped into the freakish events along with his buddy, Steve. The movie's musical score is excellent and further helps the movie to peak higher than one would expect. The costumes, makeup, set decorations and special effects are all outstanding as well. So I must raise two thumbs for the movie that knows how to tell a story and keeps all the bells and whistles straight until the credits.

- Rick Wright,