Kenerly could have shown real leadership during the good times

I take strong exceptions to Kevin Kenerly's comments, "I think I let the citizens down this past June," when the tax increase was defeated,

Kenerly said. "A vote for this is a vote to protect the citizens. ... You're supposed to lead and do the best for the citizens, not just listen to who is shouting the loudest."

Excuse me, Commissioner Kenerly. Leading would have been to cut back on spending five years ago when you all were warned that Gwinnett County was overspending and did not have the revenue to keep up with the rate of spending.

Leadership would have been not overpaying for land that was purchased by the county and is now under grand jury investigation. Leadership would have been realizing we could not afford the stadium. Leadership would have been not rolling back the millage rate in previous years when you knew Gwinnett County could not afford it.

Your original rate increase request was based on very faulty revenue projections. You have had to lower revenue projections twice already and probably will again a third time. This means you would have had to come back for an even higher millage rate increase because we would have had a deficit.