LETTERS: Sometimes, we should just agree to disagree

George Morin's recent letter brings up an interesting question: "How do we all just get along?" Tolerance doesn't appear to be in the lexicon of "just get along" proponents, so the implication is that holders of particular viewpoints remain silent lest they evoke the ire of those with opposing opinions.

Disagreement doesn't have to be contentious, and the fact that two people have opposing thoughts doesn't make them mortal enemies. Rather than "just getting along," we would be far better off if we could come to terms with the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to disagree.

It's also just as acceptable to keep debate focused on the issue as opposed to allowing it to degenerate into a name-calling, finger-pointing exercise. Of course, that's a difficult concept to get across as evidenced by the conduct of many of our elected officials.

— Dave Emanuel