Cosby to get humor prize

WASHINGTON - Bill Cosby still thinks America is funny - like the name-calling over health care and the way we drink so much water from plastic bottles that could be toxic - even though he says the nation has some serious problems it needs to tackle.

The 72-year-old who has long drawn laughs for his wisecracks and deadpan observations will receive the nation's foremost humor prize Monday at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Sinbad and other top entertainers will line up to honor him with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

It's a prize Cosby has turned down twice before because he said he was disgusted with profanity and N-words thrown around by performers.

First lady tired of tennis with president

BURBANK, Calif. - What's President Barack Obama's most annoying habit?

Practicing his speeches for hours in front of the bathroom mirror? Talking too much foreign policy at the dinner table?

No - first lady Michelle Obama said Friday it's his tennis game. When they play, the president usually wins.

'He beats me quite often,' she said on NBC's 'The Jay Leno Show,' appearing via satellite hookup from the White House. 'That gets to be pretty annoying.'

Timberlake files for TPO against woman

LOS ANGELES - Justin Timberlake was granted a temporary restraining order on Friday against a woman his attorney described as an obsessed stalker, court records show.

Judge David Cunningham III granted the singer the protective order against Karen J. McNeil, 48.

Timberlake's attorney, Evan Spiegel, described McNeil as 'unstable."