Suwanee to host toast of town

SUWANEE -- A new event is coming to town, with the first Toast @ Town Center scheduled for Nov. 5.

The city will host the toast from 5 until 10 p.m., encouraging attendees to enjoy "good meals, good deals and good times," a city official said.

City spokeswoman Lynne DeWilde said Town Center merchants will offer special deals, entertainment, including a jazz band and in-store events "only limited by the merchants' imagination."

Patrons should feel free to browse and mingle, and will be allowed to carry beverages bought at Town Center -- including coffee, sodas, beer and wine -- from store to store and around the park.

Downtown Manager Catherine Dixon said the idea is to create a "fun, street festival-type atmosphere."

"We hope that the event will appeal to citizens for a variety of reasons," she said. "Families might be able to find a great dinner special or a one-night-only bargain at one of the Town Center shops. Others might find this a fun way to get a head start on the weekend and enjoy mixing and mingling with friends along the sidewalk in front of the restaurants and shops."

The second installment of Toast @ Town Center is scheduled for Dec. 3.