Letters: President's intentions require opposition to stand up and be heard

What more do I need to say about the letter to the editor published on Wednesday by George Morin, our favorite conscience of Gwinnett ("Is it possible to disagree but remain civil?" Oct. 21, Page 6A) except, "There he goes again?"

Now, we all need to get along. Not the prior eight years to this, but now. It doesn't matter if our president is trying to destroy capitalism; it doesn't matter if the amount of debt being accumulated will make the dollar no longer the currency of the world; it doesn't matter if Obama's health care reform, if passed will cost each and every family at least $1,900 a year. This is all Republican propaganda.

It doesn't matter if our remaining troops in Afghanistan remain in danger because Obama won't take the recommendations of his appointed generals. We should just accept whatever he has to say and just get along. And of course, the oldest liberal trick in the business - even my wife and I have disagreements, as if that's an argument that anyone can read without laughing out loud.

Mr. Morin, if you would like some agreement and/or understanding in how we can all get along, please make your next letter devoted to the programs that President Barack Obama has instituted that have benefited any of us in Gwinnett County, or the whole nation for that matter.