Judge: 2 life sentences for dual murder

LAWRENCEVILLE - Jurors did all they could Friday to ensure Troy "Lee" Davis Jr. dies in prison.

In relatively short order, the jury convicted Davis of knifing his elderly aunt and uncle to death during a brutal attack on Feb. 28, 2005.

Jurors needed just two hours in deliberations to find Davis guilty on all counts, which include murder and felony murder. Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Timothy Hamil sentenced the 43-year-old to consecutive life sentences.

A known hoarder and recluse, Davis was agitated by his aunt's nagging to clean his room and backyard of the Buford home the three shared, prosecutors said. The tipping point came sometime that rainy February day, when Davis selected a knife from his extensive collection and plunged it more than two dozen times into each victim.

The victims - Lavader Chambers, 76, and her brother, Horace Marsingill, 79 - were honest people who harbored some fear of their nephew, an unemployed slouch, family members said.

Davis' mother, Vennie, emphatically said during testimony that her son was innocent. His defense team argued Davis had no motive to kill.

But other relatives including cousin Deborah Black, rejoiced at news of the conviction Friday afternoon.

"He does not belong with society," said Black of her cousin. "He needs to suffer like he made my aunt and uncle, but God will take care of that."

In early interviews with police, Davis suggested the slayings could have been the work of "a crackhead" he'd seen milling about his aunt's Murphy Street home.

From the witness stand Thursday, Davis adamantly denied involvement in the killings but made no effort to pin the blame elsewhere. He claimed to love his housemates, especially his uncle, whom he idolized, he said.

Davis admitted to writing his mother a note in the wake of the killings that read: "I don't want any trouble to come your way, so I'm leaving." He was arrested a few days after he called 911 to report he'd stumbled across the bodies prior to a job search. He has remained behind bars since.