City of Suwanee implementing paperless system for tickets

SUWANEE - Court proceedings could go a little smoother in Suwanee, as the city is implementing a paperless system.

A court official wasn't available Friday, but Administrative Services Director Elvira Rogers said the move could mean a lot less paperwork for the city.

Police officers already started issuing e-tickets, but a file was still produced for court.

In November, Rogers said the new SYSCON system will mean the judge, solicitor and clerk will find information on a computer instead of shuffling papers back and forth.

"It'll be more efficient," she said. "The solicitor will be able to call a person in on court night with the click of a button."

And taxpayers don't have to fork up more cash for the system. Rogers said the costs will be taken care of through an administrative charge on tickets. The fee information was not available Friday, but Rogers said the current fee may change.