Film fans find a few chuckles in 'Couples Retreat'

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2 1/2 stars out of 4

"Couples Retreat" (not necessarily the best title for this movie) is fairly amusing.

Jason Bateman (playing a character also named Jason, who's very type A) and his wife, Cynthia, are giving their marriage one last chance. They find a group discount on a beautiful island and invite their friends, all whose relationships have their own issues, to go with them. Their friends think it will be fun in the sun and are in for a surprise. The movie has some good messages on marriage and provides some laughs.

Vince Vaughn, of course, has some funny lines but also a serious side. The scenery is very pretty.

- Cindy Evans, Duluth

2 1/2 stars out of 4

This movie is much better than I expected. It has one of the cleverest starts with some great music along the way as well.

Four 30-something couples, who are in the midst of family rearing and have a bucket full of relational issues, decide to go to a dream resort in Tahiti. It's at the resort that the fun really starts as their marital issues come closer into focus and there are a lot of funny scenes.

The actors in this flick create a special chemistry that transcends an average screenplay. There are a few slow spots that could have been minimized with a little more detailed editing. But it clearly is not a bad movie and the neat song selections and bizarre out-take scene, following the credits, is quite funny.

Vince Vaughn is an engaging performer and could really excel when a more substantial role and script comes along. But don't believe all the negatives you hear about this film, as it deserves a look.

- Rick Wright, Auburn

2 stars out of 4

This is just an average movie. The plot is predictable and the conflicts are many but just get wrapped up too neatly at the end.

There are some funny scenes that were left out of the preview but not many. The director just takes us along for the ride. He tries to build some tension but the script doesn't give him much to work with.

The scenery is beautiful but more shots of the backdrop would have helped. You could have added a sunset or two and had the actors react to it.

The actors were disappointing. Vince Vaughn did his normal mugging and nothing new here. Kristin Davis was much better in "Sex in the City" and just wasted here. This could have been so much more of a movie, but since the writers, Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau, are amateurs, what can we expect?

If you have seen everything else and have two hours to kill, this will do it. The yoga scene was very funny.

- Chris Weinert, Lawrenceville