GGC adds criminal justice/criminology major

LAWRENCEVILLE - Georgia Gwinnett College is adding another major to its curriculum, officials announced Wednesday.

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved a major in criminal justice/criminology for Georgia Gwinnett College, one of several programs of study that has been added since the new college became accredited in June by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

"With the significant increase in our growth - nearly doubling our student enrollment since last fall, we are working diligently to give our students and potential students the coursework and majors that are of interest to them and the community," College President Daniel J. Kaufman said. "As the college continues on this trajectory of expansion, our students are looking to us to give them more choices. There is a lot of interest in criminal justice, so it was a natural addition to our programs of study."

When Georgia Gwinnett College opened in 2006, it offered degrees in biology, business administration, information technology and psychology.

In June, the Board of Regents gave their approval for Georgia Gwinnett to offer bachelor's degrees in English, history and mathematics. By August, the college was also approved to offer majors in education, political science and exercise science. All of the new programs must be sanctioned by SACS.

"It is imperative that we offer majors that our students are interested in as they choose a career path," said Stas Preczewski, vice president of academic and student affairs. "We work closely with our students and those students who are thinking about attending GGC to see what they are interested in and then we focus on those courses and majors.

"It is important to us to meet the needs of the community too - and we have worked diligently with the employers in our area to determine what their needs are and how we can best train our students to fit them."

Preczewski said majors in nursing, urban planning and homeland security are being considered for next year.

SideBar: GGC Programs of study

· Bachelor of Science in Biology

- Biochemistry

- Cell Biology and Biotechnology

- General Biology

-Teacher Certification

· Bachelor of Business Administration

- Accounting

- Finance

- General Business

- International Business

- Marketing

· Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Criminology

- Criminal Justice

- Criminology

- Liberal Arts

· Bachelor of Science in Education

- Early Childhood Education

- Special Education

· Bachelor of Arts in English

- English Interdisciplinary Studies

- English Language and Literature

- English Writing and Rhetoric

- Teacher Certification

· Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

- Exercise Science Preventative

- Exercise Science Rehabilitative

- Sports & Exercise Management

· Bachelor of Arts in History

- American History

- History: Interdisciplinary Studies

- Western Civilization

- World History

- Teacher Certification

· Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

- Business IT

- IT Systems and Security

- Software Development

· Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

- Applied Mathematics

- Pure Mathematics

- Teacher Certification

· Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

- American Government

- Comparative Politics

- International Relations

- Legal Studies

- Teacher Certification

· Bachelor of Science in Psychology

- Clinical/Personality

- Cognitive/Neuroscience

- Developmental/Educational

- Social/Applied