Getaway car found in bank heist

BETHLEHEM - An important clue emerged Friday in what's believed to be Barrow County's first bank robbery in nearly three years.

Police located the getaway vehicle used by two masked robbers - a black 2005 Range Rover - ditched in a Barrow County field owned by a poultry company, authorities said. A passerby reported the SUV about 8 a.m. near Bethlehem Church and Smith Mill roads.

The Range Rover was reported stolen in DeKalb County several days ago, said Barrow County Sheriff's Department spokesman Maj. Todd Druse.

The robbers were nowhere to be found.

Authorities said the two men held up the Community Bank and Trust in Bethlehem on Thursday afternoon, making off with $11,000.

According to witnesses, one man wore black jeans, a gray sweater, gray shoes and dark-colored work gloves. The second man wore a red, long-sleeved pullover, blue jeans and white latex gloves.

Both men wore nylon stocking masks and caps, leaving investigators unsure as to their race, Druse said.

Druse said the bank robbery is likely Barrow's first since a gunman held up the Peoples Bank in Braselton near Chateau Elan in January 2007.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's criminal investigations unit at 770-307-3080, ext. 3093.