Dalai Lama receives rights award at Capitol

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers honored the Dalai Lama with a human rights award Tuesday even as President Barack Obama faced harsh criticism for delaying a meeting with the exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader.

The Dalai Lama and Obama will not meet until after Obama visits Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing in November. China reviles the Dalai Lama and pressures foreign governments not to meet with him. The Obama administration, which needs Chinese support for crucial foreign policy, economic and environmental goals, wants to establish friendly ties between Hu and Obama during next month's visit.

Protests sweep across Yemen

SAN'A, Yemen - Thousands of activists have taken to the streets across Yemen's south calling for independence, even as much of the central government's army is tied up fighting a Shiite rebellion in the far north.

The demonstrations are the latest in a steady series of protests there underlining the lingering tensions between the north and south more than a decade after a 1994 southern attempt to secede was quashed.

Demjanjuk trial in Germany to start Nov. 30

MUNICH - John Demjanjuk's trial on charges of being an accessory to the murder of thousands at a Nazi death camp will begin Nov. 30, his German lawyer said Tuesday.

The Munich state court has set aside 35 trial days through early May to hear Demjanjuk's case, his lawyer Guenther Maull said.

Iraqi police: Open-air market blast kills 8

BAGHDAD - A car bomb tore through an open-air market west of Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least eight people, an Iraqi police official said.

It was the second consecutive day of attacks in the mostly Sunni Anbar province, raising questions about the ability of Iraqi security forces to keep the lid on violence as U.S. troops withdraw from the region.

Tuesday's blast came at sundown, when a parked car rigged with explosives went off in a popular open-air market in Fallujah, about 40 miles west of the Iraqi capital, the official said. At least 20 people were wounded.