Hospital updates breast biopsies
New technology brings 'important advance' to center

JOHNS CREEK - Emory Johns Creek Hospital is offering the latest technology to its patients with magnetic-resonance guided breast biopsies.

Hospital officials said performing the biopsies in real-time, guided by MR imaging is an "important advance in the diagnosis of breast cancer."

"Our radiologists are able to streamline the diagnostic process, and in many cases, it's possible to biopsy suspicious tissue that otherwise would have been very difficult to target," said breast imaging specialist Dr. Joanne Biafore. "There are times when an MR-guided biopsy is preferred over a surgical biopsy because the area of concern isn't easily seen on an ultrasound or stereotactic biopsy."

Chief radiologist Dr. Mary Saltz said adding this technology is an important element to Emory Johns Creek's "already expansive" breast services.

"Our Breast Center is able to offer women comprehensive services for breast health, from screening mammograms, to advanced imaging procedures, the latest in surgical techniques, including conservation therapy, Mammosite Radiation therapy and reconstruction," Saltz said.

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