Honduras reverses decree limiting rights

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - The interim Honduran government on Monday revoked an emergency decree that prohibited large street protests and limited other civil liberties following the return of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

The decree, which resulted in dozens of arrests and the closing of two pro-Zelaya media outlets, 'has been completely revoked,' Interim President Roberto Micheletti said at a news conference with U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican.

He gave no other details. Earlier Micheletti told the Channel 5 television network that the decree is no longer necessary because 'we have peace in the country.'

Group claims to debunk Shroud of Turin

ROME - A group of Italian debunkers is claiming it has proved that the Shroud of Turin - revered as the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb - was man-made.

The shroud bears the image of a crucified man. Believers say Christ's image was recorded on the fibers at the time of his resurrection.

The Italian Committee for Checking Claims on the Paranormal said Monday that scientists have reproduced the shroud using materials and methods that were available in the 14th century.

The group said in a statement this is further evidence the shroud is a medieval forgery. In 1988, scientists used radiocarbon dating to determine it was made in the 13th or 14th century, but the dispute continued because experts couldn't explain how the image was produced.

Afghan recount begins; ruling next week

KABUL - Afghanistan edged closer to a long-awaited resolution to August's presidential vote Monday as election workers started recounting suspect ballots and an official said a ruling on whether President Hamid Karzai won or will face a runoff is expected next week.

The Aug. 20 election was hampered by violence and allegations of vote-rigging that have since plunged the country into an electoral crisis while Taliban militants are expanding from their southern strongholds into the north and west.

Preliminary results released last month showed Karzai won the voting with 54.6 percent, enough to avoid a runoff with second-place finisher Abdullah Abdullah, his former foreign minister.