Suwanee looking for the most eye-pleasing facilities

SUWANEE - If you've created a facility with a fabulous facade, Suwanee city officials want to hear from you.

As part of its awards program, Suwanee is looking for nominations for projects that have helped make the entire community more beautiful.

City spokeswoman Lynne DeWilde said the awards will be presented in December to individuals, businesses and organizations that have created "architectural swans."

She said projects could include new construction, renovations, landscaping, long-term developments, public art or "clean up" projects.

All nominations must be for projects within Suwanee's city limits, be no more than 2 years old and include exterior improvements.

Nomination forms are available at www.suwanee.com and the submission deadline is Oct. 16.

For more information, call Toni Shrewsbury at 770-945-8996 or e-mail her at tshrewsbury@suwanee.com.